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Poster: jackgrimes2004 Date: May 14, 2004 3:47am
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Re: Something has to be done about President Bush

As to the goings on Iraq. Saddam Hussein was NOT a bad man. These are more Bush lies. If President Hussein had been that bad of a guy, the Iraqi's would have gotten rid of him themselves years ago (as the Americans should Bush and his bunch in 2004, if they allow an honest election then - by other and, any means, if they do not). Saddam Hussein did many good things for the Iraqi's, like "Universal Suffrage", equality for religious minorities (including Jews), free education on all levels for all Iraqi's and programs to create other industries like coal mining, etc. & etc. to decrease Iraq's dependency on oil.

Saddam Hussein's real crimes were to price Iraqi oil in Euro units instead of US dollars. To encourage the OPEC Nations to create their own standing armies, to decrease their dependency on the West. Refusing to bring Iraq under GATT and, the fact that he was a Fascist and Fascism is the one true antidote to this insane capitalism of the West.

The fact that Bush is acting like a Nazi should surprise no one. His grandfather, Prescott, was such a Hitler lover, that he lost all his property under the articles of "The War Powers Act" prohibiting American citizens from dealing with an enemy power (Bush oil refineries were making and supplying the Germans with a forerunner of the deadly Zyklon B, later used to exterminate Jews enmasse). As I used to live in Pennsylvania, and Ridge was our Gov. before Bush appointed him to his post, we all knew he was a Nazi. Why didn't you? Would you be surprised if chickens clucked and ducks are given to quack? Why then are you surprised when NAZI'S act like NAZI'S?

America is NOT America anymore and the Gods know it will NOT be again until Bush and his bunch are rooted out, destroyed as it were and, ALL of these rotten laws they've made have been repealed.